How to Join the Federation of Sidecar Clubs
Members benefits and the different types of membership explained.

Benefits of Membership
How do I Join the Federation of Sidecar Clubs
OUTLOOK magazine - The official journal of FoSC. and the UK’s only national magazine exclusively for and about sidecars. Articles, stories, rally reports, hints and tips, for sale pages and what is happening across the UK and overseas.
Technical Officer - To answer any questions you have about your outfit.
Legal Officer - Keeping an eye on what UK and EU politicians are doing by keeping close links with the BMF, MAG and FEMA.
Calendar of events - Lots of events all year, organised by members and for members.
International Rep - Keeps you in touch with many continental rallies and events.
Handbook – A contact list of members and registered clubs to aid our membership.
The Website Forum – A well as the website you see here, members also have access to the forum pages and can place adverts in the adverts section.
BMF – Affiliated Membership to the BMF.

Check the list of Clubs on the Clubs in the Federation page and contact your nearest club directly.

What if there isn't an FoSC registered club in my area?
You can form a club of your own with three or more interested people.
What if there are no other sidecarrists in my area?
You can join the FoSC as an Individual Member.

If you have any questions about membership, clubs, or the Individual Member etc, please contact the Membership Secretary -

Jill Hind, 99 Wellington St, Thame, OX9 3BW

Phone 01844 218267

Contact Jill Hind

I would like to join as a Club Member
Join as an Individual Member

I have checked the list of clubs that are members of the FoSC and joined my local club, I would now like to join the FoSC.
Download form here and send it to the Membership Secretary

I do not belong to any of the clubs that are members of the FoSC but I would like to become a member of the FoSC
Download the Individual Member form here and send it to the Membership Secretary  
I would like to join but live outside the UK

Don't worry we have an international section as well. International applicants should e-mail Jill Hind

Contact Membership Secretary
Download international form as a word document.