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Heres Adrian & Polly on their Pan Europe Outfit. Here's a link to link to explain the drawing

Triumph Rocket with EZS Munro
with proud owner Len Tempest

BMW K100 16v RS with a Squire ST2 sidecar

Owner Phil Oughtred

I have just built the beauty from bits and bobs that had come to me over the years.

It has RT Conversion now which is better for old geezers like me. BMW Club friends provided most of what you see but the second hand Wasp forks came from Motorworks. Wasp were very helpful on the re-furbishment. I was unable to find a mounting subframe so I had to fabricate that my self and add the ubiquitous VW steering damper.

First time out she handled perfectly. A joy to ride. Ballast and I are looking forward to some seriour touring.

Regards to all

Phil Oughtred

Chris and Les Ravenscroft at the top of the Mangart pass on their Triumph Bonneville and dudgeon and wilde sidecar

This is David Murray's BSA M21 and Watsonian GP Sports sidecar

This is Kev Wright's 350 Jawa and Velorex Tour sidecar with its matching camping trailer


Martin and Caz Brigham on their way to Barton Bike Night last year 2015 on their Yamaha XJ900 Diversion Outfit.

Alf Tindall, South Yorkshire Sidecar Club member and his Brough Superior at the Annual Rally in August 2006. From the rally he was off on a European jaunt with this wonderful outfit.

Bill and Denise from Bedfordshire
at the Annual Rally
A Japanese father and daughter team play the English girls in the Annual Boules competition. John Mayhew (the distinguished silver haired gentleman in the foreground) officiates.

The late Dave Smith of the Associate Section pictured on his smart and unique outfit. The sidecar is "Jans Dream". It is a one off West Country Sidecars Diplomat on a Hedingham chassis.

Geoff and Ann with their home built,
Hillman Imp engined outfit
at the Annual Rally 2006
The "Hairies" Chris, Cass
and that's young Tom in the sidecar
John Askham of The South Yorkshire Sidecar Club with a sweet little outfit he threw together a couple of weeks before the Annual Rally.
Len (the Jedi) Salisbury and Helen
who ride a rather posh outfit these days
At home with the Rodds at the Annual Rally.
Left to right Pam Rodd, Marc Thouret from France, Chris Rodd and Chick Goodrum.

Three blokes wondering what's wrong
with an outfit at the Annual Rally

Ural belonging to David Angel,
at the
FoSC Annual Rally
David and Shirley Baker with
their amazing Astranomical one off
Astra powered outfit

Lesley Aves, Tri-Anglia Wheels Sidecar Club, seen here acting as International Rescue when Ray Doran at the 50th Anniversary Rally

BMW 1150GS with EZS Rally
belonging to Vyt & Penny Gerdziunas


Jim and Wendy Samme
on the Isle of Man, 2009

Fantastic BMW GS1150 and Melin Sidecar Outfit
belonging to Mick Iveson

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