Note: Circa 1984 – Cliff Day (in white pullover) with the unofficial ‘Malt Loaf’ touring group in France.

Circa 1980 and ‘Moby Dick’ is seen at the London sidecar rally by members of the WHAC MCC. After a conversation with Len Turner, Cliff agreed to release his moulds set (12 piece) as the core element for further design and development by Martello Plastics in Folkestone.

An initial group of Len Turner, Les Bray, Dave Clark and Malcolm Reynolds set about discussing the modifications to Cliff’s original design to justify/develop a limited manufacturing run for Martello Plastics to gauge the suitability, demand and commercial aspects of sidecar production.

Cliff went on to develop other sidecar projects but unfortunately ill heath prevented him completing his final ‘Alfasud’ car engine unit. Tracing the history of ‘Moby Dick’ since Cliffs death has been a little fractured from then onwards but the information gained is provided below:

  • Roy Jackson brought the last Cliff day sidecar/motor project off his daughters after his death, ‘Moby Dick’ was not at the home then and he believes it was sold along with the moulds to somewhere local to Bristol.

  • A 2015 report from Paul Ennis states that - “I spoke to Jim Daden at the South Yorks rally at the weekend and he tells me that there is only one Moby Dick. Jim owned it for a period and says that it's main problem was that it was too heavy, particularly at the nose, causing it to dip on right handers. He said that whenever Cliff Day had any resin

  • left over from making panniers, etc, he would just pour it into Moby Dick's boot! The passenger 'lid' did alter over the years which probably gave us the impression that there were more than one.”

  • A telecom with Dave Johnson in March 2015 confirmed Dave had owned ‘Moby Dick’ from 1999 to the early 2000's - buying it loose (later it was confirmed it came from the Bristol area) and fitting it to a BMW R100 before selling on the outfit to somewhere in South London. The picture below is of ‘Moby Dick’ alongside Daves own Martello .

  • March 2015 advrider forum details ref: oldenough2knowbetter (Adge) 'Moby Dick Lives' thread, Location Poole Dorset, states “I bought an old sidecar last March (2011). I'm still learning her history, but here is what I know so far.”

Originally built by Cliff Day and used and enjoyed by him, winning prizes at rallies. I'm not sure of the exact circumstances but Martello Plastics produced a small number of sidecars, Single Adult and Child/Adult versions

When I bought her, she looked like this”


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